CDSC blocked the access to third party IPO result Apps .

                                    CDSC blocked the access to third party IPO result Apps .

CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC), has taken significant steps to enhance the security and reliability of IPO (Initial Public Offering) result data. In an effort to safeguard the accuracy and confidentiality of IPO results, CDSC has recently implemented changes that restrict third-party access to this critical information.

In the past, third-party applications provided a convenient way for investors to access IPO results with a single click. These applications would scrape data from the CDSC website and present it to users in an easy-to-read format. This approach was lauded for its simplicity and efficiency.

However, CDSC’s decision to restrict third-party access to IPO results stems from concerns about data integrity and security. Unauthorized access by third parties had raised worries about the accuracy of the data provided to investors. The move to tighten security and protect the confidentiality of IPO result data was deemed necessary to maintain the credibility of the information.

As a result of these changes investors have to access IPO results solely through the official CDSC website, available at This official portal provides a secure and reliable source for investors to obtain accurate and up-to-date IPO result information.

Many investors who favored the convenience of third-party apps are finding it less convenient to access IPO results through the official CDSC portal, which now requires more steps and manual input. Some have expressed concerns about the additional time and effort required to access the same information they once obtained with a single click.

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