How to check IPO result of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Limited ?

                                    How to check IPO result of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Limited ?


In a remarkable show of investor confidence, the initial public offering (IPO) of Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Limited has been oversubscribed by an impressive 6.80 times. The company, which operates the Ghatte Khola Jalbidhyut Yojana, a 5 MW run-of-river hydropower project in Nepal, saw an overwhelming response from the public during the IPO subscription period, highlighting the growing appetite for sustainable energy investments.

According to Mr. Rajesh Shrestha, the sales manager of BOK Capital Market Limited, the official distributor of the IPO, the allotment of shares will commence today at 5:30 pm, Sunday. This development comes after the successful closure of the IPO subscription period, which saw a total of 1,395,070 applicants vying for a stake in the company’s future.

net worth related details published by Manakamana Engineering Hydropower
Details Published By Company

The IPO, which spanned from the 28th to the 31st of Sharawan, received substantial interest from the public, with the total number of applicants reaching an impressive 1,395,070. These eager investors collectively sought a share in the 1 crore 54 lakh 93 thousand 430 shares offered by the company, reflecting the enthusiasm and interest surrounding Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Limited.

Topic Data
Total Issued Units 22 Lakh 76 Thousand 620s
Total Applied Unit 1 Cr 54 Lakh 93 Thousand 430
Total Application 13 Lakh 95 Thousand 70
Alloted To 2 Lakh 27 Thousand 662
Not Alloted To 11 Lakh 67 Thousand 408

The company’s IPO issuance consisted of 22 lakh 76 thousand 620 shares available to the general public. However, the overwhelming response resulted in an oversubscription of 6.80 times the available shares, indicating strong investor confidence in the company’s growth potential and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Only 2 lakh 27 thousand 662 individuals will be allotted shares at a rate of 10 shares each, as the IPO issuance was oversubscribed. The oversubscription underscores the growing awareness and interest among investors in Nepal about environmentally friendly investment opportunities, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Limited, established on July 18, 2010, initially as a private limited company before being converted into a public limited company on July 10, 2021, is spearheaded by experienced individuals in the hydropower sector. The company’s flagship project, the Ghatte Khola Jalbidhyut Yojana, boasts an installed capacity of 5 MW, generating clean and sustainable energy through run-of-river technology.

The project’s success is evidenced by its commercial operation commencement on November 08, 2020, and its contribution to Nepal’s energy independence. The hydropower project, situated in the Dolakha district, utilizes the abundant head and flow of the Ghatte Khola river to generate electricity efficiently and sustainably.

Way TO Check IPO Result

Method 1: MeroShare Website 

  • Open your web browser and go to the MeroShare IPO Result website:
  • On the website’s homepage, you’ll find an option to select the IPO result. Look for “Reliable Nepal Life Insurance” in the list of available IPOs.
  • Click on “Reliable Nepal Life Insurance” to access the IPO result page.
  • Enter your 16-digit BOID (Beneficiary Owner Identification) number in the provided field. This is the number you received from your brokerage or the CDS and Clearing Limited.
  • Click on the “View Result” button.
  • The result for your IPO application will be displayed on the screen, showing whether you have been allotted shares or not.

Method 2: Nepse Bajar PMS

  • Open your web browser and go to the Nepse Bajar PMS website:
  • Look for the “IPO Result” section on the homepage.
  • Click on the “IPO Result” section and find “Reliable Nepal Life Insurance” from the list of IPOs.
  • Click on the link for “Reliable Nepal Life Insurance” to access the IPO result page.
  • Enter your BOID number and submit.
  • The result of your IPO application will be displayed, indicating whether you have been allotted shares or not.

Method 3: Share Hub App

  • If you have the Share Hub app installed on your device, open the app.
  • Navigate to the section related to IPO results or allotment status.
  • Find “Reliable Nepal Life Insurance” from the list of IPOs.
  • Enter your BOID number in the designated field.
  • Tap on the “Check Result” or similar button.
  • The app will display the result of your IPO application, showing whether you have received shares or not.

Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Company Information

Attribute Value
Authorized Capital Rs. 800,000,000.00
Issued Capital Rs. 800,000,000.00
Current Paid-Up Capital Rs. 520,000,000.00
Capital after IPO Issuance Rs. 800,000,000.00
Name of Project Ghatte Khola Jalbidhyut Yojana
Type of Project Run-of-River
Installed Capacity 5 MW
Electricity Generation License received Ashad 24, 2072
Generation Valid Date Ashad 24, 2107
RCOD Poush 13, 2077
Total Cost Rs. 1.39 Arba
Cost per Megawatt in Rs. Rs. 27.87 Crores

Board of Directors

Name Position
Mr. Krishna Bahadur Upreti Chairman
Mr. Ram Hari Bajagain Director
Mr. Narayan Dhatt Timalsina Director
Mr. Radheshyam Khadka Director

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