Sonapur Minerals Trading started at NEPSE .

                                    Sonapur Minerals Trading started at NEPSE .

Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited has made its entry into the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) with an auspicious start.

The company’s shares debuted at a price of NPR 350 during a special pre-opening session on Sunday. NEPSE had set the opening range for Sonapur’s shares at NPR 142.01 to NPR 426.03. Trading under the symbol ‘SONA,’ the company witnessed an impressive debut on the exchange.

Prior to its NEPSE debut, Sonapur had conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO) at a premium of NPR 137.58 per share, adding NPR 237.58 per share to the face value of NPR 100. The company issued a total of 3,750,500 shares based on its paid-up capital.

Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited, operating on the basis of a capital of NPR 37.50 million, had been listed on NEPSE in advance.

This milestone marks a significant development for Sonapur and reflects positive investor sentiment towards the company. As it joins the ranks of publicly listed companies, Sonapur aims to leverage its presence on the stock exchange for further growth and expansion in the industry.

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