Sonapur Minerals IPO application deadline extended.

                                    Sonapur Minerals IPO application deadline extended.

नेपालीमा पढ्नु होस्। 

Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited has extended the deadline for IPO applications from Ashoj 14 to Ashoj 28.

The IPO, which was initially open for application and sale from Ashoj 14, is now open for application until Ashoj 28. The company, after issuing 40% of the total shares, equivalent to NPR 1,230,200,000, with a face value of NPR 100 per share, had received permission to issue 12,503,752.5 shares to the locals in the affected areas of the industry in Dang and Rolpa districts at NPR 225 per share, including a premium of NPR 125 per share. Consequently, only 134,520 shares were applied for by the locals. Shares were allotted based on the applicants’ demands after verifying the applications.

Similarly, the company allocated 1,216,568 shares for Nepalis working abroad, 682,284 shares for collective investment funds, and 682,284 shares for employees through the IPO.

In the second phase, the company increased the premium by NPR 137.58, making the total issue price NPR 237.58 for shares with a face value of NPR 100. As a result, the company issued 9,732,544 shares for the general public. In this IPO, one can apply for a minimum of 10 shares and a maximum of 1,500,000 shares.

Informex Credit Rating Nepal has provided Sona Pur Minerals and Oil Limited with an IRR Triple B Minus issuer rating for the IPO issuance. This indicates an average level of risk in the company’s capacity to meet its obligations.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited is the manager for share issuance and sale for the company. Investors can apply through Mero Share, an online application system developed by CDSC and Clearing Limited, and through the member banks and financial institutions of the ASBA system approved by Nepal Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited.

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