Shares of Ghorahi Cement fell below the IPO price .

                                    Shares of Ghorahi Cement fell below the IPO price .

Ghorahi Cement, which recently conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO), saw its business trade lower than the IPO price.

The company initially issued shares at NPR 435.40 per share, totaling 794,438 shares. On Thursday, the business opened at NPR 439 per share, with the highest point reaching NPR 443 and the lowest at NPR 430 throughout the day.

When the market closed, the company’s share price stood at NPR 434.40. During the day’s trading session, a total of 44,148 shares were traded, equivalent to NPR 19,265,691.40.

Among the companies that have conducted IPOs recently, Ghorahi Cement had the highest share price, with its business reaching a maximum of NPR 581.40. The company’s first share trading was at NPR 565.50.

Ghorahi Cement’s chart pattern shows that the business opened at a higher price initially, and currently, it is trading below the IPO price.

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