Nabil Bank Unveils nBank Web, Pioneering Enhanced Digital Banking

                                    Nabil Bank Unveils nBank Web, Pioneering Enhanced Digital Banking

Introduction :

Nabil Bank, the trailblazer in Nepal’s private sector banking, has embarked on a groundbreaking digital banking journey with the introduction of its latest online banking service, nBank Web. This visionary move aims to provide customers with an innovative and seamless banking experience in the digital realm.

nBank Web empowers customers to conduct hassle-free transfers of up to Rs. 2,000,000 per day and Rs. 5,000,000 per month from the convenience of their laptops, desktops, or tablets. This significant development eliminates the need for customers to physically visit a bank branch for such transactions.

Nabil Bank Launches nBank Web

Transaction Limits Per Day: Rs. 2,000,000
Per Month: Rs. 5,000,000
Features Account opening
Fund transfers
Bill payments
View card details
Open fixed deposit
Apply for Loans Against Fixed Deposits
Access nRemit (international card-based remittance)
Security Measures Strong encryption
Two-factor authentication
Auto logout feature
SIM verification

The pivotal aspect of this innovative suite of banking solutions is its focus on accessibility, security, and user-friendliness, enhancing how customers manage their financial affairs online. The unveiling ceremony of nBank Web was artfully executed through virtual platforms, with Nabil Bank’s and nBank’s Official Facebook pages serving as the conduits of this digital milestone.

Binay Kumar Regmi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – nBank and Operations, elaborated, stating, “nBank Web extends an omni-channel banking experience akin to our nBank mobile banking app, bolstered by transaction upper limits to streamline online financial management.” This pivotal launch also signifies the sunsetting of the bank’s existing internet banking service, Nabilnet, as of July 22, 2023. In this transition, retail customers are urged to embrace nBank Web, which is primed for full operation. Corporate customers currently using Nabilnet are advised to seamlessly shift to CorporatePay prior to the shutdown date.

nBank Web furnishes customers with a wide spectrum of financial capabilities, spanning from account openings, fund transfers, and bill payments to comprehensive tasks like viewing card details, initiating fixed deposits, and applying for Loans Against Fixed Deposits. Notably, even Nabil Bank’s international card-based remittance service, nRemit, finds its digital embodiment within the nBank Web ecosystem.

Recent Trading Information

Metric Value
Last Traded Price Rs. 599.10
Change from Previous Day -3.70 (-0.61%)
Total Traded Quantity 33,170 shares
Total Trades 386
Previous Day Close Price Rs. 602.80
High Price / Low Price Rs. 601.00 / Rs. 596.70
52 Week High / 52 Week Low Rs. 930.00 / Rs. 574.30
Open Price Rs. 601.00
Close Price* Rs. 0

In adherence to Nabil Bank’s commitment to uncompromising security, DCEO Regmi affirmed, “We are steadfast in delivering a seamlessly secure banking experience for our esteemed customers. To safeguard customer information and transactions, we’ve incorporated robust security measures, including formidable encryption, two-factor authentication, auto logout functionality, and SIM verification.”

Nabil Bank’s legacy of being Nepal’s pioneering private sector bank is fortified by its commitment to deliver innovative and reliable banking solutions. With an extensive presence of 255 branches and 283 ATMs across the nation, Nabil Bank continues to serve as a steadfast ally in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of modern banking.

With nBank Web’s strategic entrance, Nabil Bank once again demonstrates its unyielding commitment to ushering banking into the digital age, catering to customers’ evolving needs and aspirations.

Company Information

Detail Value
Total Listed Shares 270,569,984
Total Paid up Value Rs. 27,056,996,352.00
Market Capitalization Rs. 163,099,586,355.20
Promoter Shares 162,341,996 (60.00%)
Public Shares 108,227,988 (40.00%)

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