IPO Analysis of Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited .

                                    IPO Analysis of Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited .


In a strategic move poised to accelerate its growth trajectory, Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited, a prominent player in the cement manufacturing sector, has announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO) plans. The company, which was initially established as a private limited entity in 2008 before transforming into a public limited company, is set to open doors for public investment.

Company Information

Established 2008
Initial Plant Capacity (Cement) 400 Ton/Day
Initial Plant Capacity (Clinker) 750 Ton/Day
Current Plant Capacity (Cement) 2300 Ton/Day
Current Plant Capacity (Clinker) 1250 Ton/Day

Growth Trajectory and Expansion

From its humble beginnings with an initial plant capacity of 400 tons per day of cement and 750 tons per day of clinker, Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited has steadily risen to industry prominence. The company recognized the surging demand for its products and capitalized on its burgeoning brand value, leading to a series of expansion initiatives. Today, the company boasts an impressive manufacturing capacity of 2300 tons per day of cement and 1250 tons per day of clinker.

Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited Financial Status .
Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited Financial Status .

Board of Directors

Chairman Ratan Lal Tayal
Managing Director Nipesh Tayal
Directors Prakash Tayal, Alisha Pandey, Bhim Prasad Pathak

Diverse Product Portfolio

Diversification and innovation have been cornerstones of Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited’s success. The company has carved a niche in the market by offering Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) under the brand name “Sona Cement OPC” and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) under a spectrum of brand names including Sonakshi PPC, Sona PPC, Sonapur PPC, Sonashree PPC, Sonatech PPC, Sonali PPC, Sona Chandi PPC, Sonapur PPC, and Sonatech PPC.

Managed by NIBL Ace Capital Limited

As the company embarks on its IPO journey, it has appointed NIBL Ace Capital Limited as the issue manager, underscoring its commitment to a seamless public offering process. The IPO will include issuance to locals and employees at Rs. 225 per share. For the general public, the shares will be available at Rs. 237.58 per share. Following the first phase, the company plans to extend the offering to the general public in a second phase. In total, 25,00,000 shares will be offered in the IPO at a face value of Rs. 100, amounting to a public issue of Rs. 25 crores.


Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Sona Cement OPC
Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) Sonakshi PPC, Sona PPC, Sonapur PPC, and more


Issue Details

Issue Manager NIBL Ace Capital Limited
Issue Price (Employees/Locals) Rs. 225 per share
Issue Price (General Public) Rs. 237.58 per share
Public Issue 25,00,000 shares (Rs. 25 crores)


Financial Ratings

Long-Term Rating IRN BBB- (Triple B Minus)
Short-Term Rating IRN A3 (A Three)
Net Worth per Share 2076/77: Rs. 119.40 | 2077/78: Rs. 135.54 | 2078/79: Rs. 142.01
Earnings per Share (EPS) 2076/77: 10.35 | 2077/78: 16.14 | 2078/79: 6.47


Industry Details

Location Dang District, Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan Ward No. 18
Production Start Date 2069/02/18
Total Industry Cost Rs. 8,71,00,00,000/-
Industry Capacity (Clinker) 2,13,357 MT
Industry Capacity (O.P.C.) 1,72,072 MT
Industry Capacity (P.P.C.) 5,49,480 MT
Industry Capacity (P.S.C.) 49,924 MT
Technology Stage Preheater Dry process base Clinker production and cement production, VRM, HRP, or Ball Mills technology

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