IPO allocation of Mathillo Mailung Khola completed .

                                    IPO allocation of Mathillo Mailung Khola completed .

The IPO of Upper Mailung Khola was distributed today .

According to Capital, a total of 1,196,296 individuals applied for the IPO. Among them, Capital has informed that the applications of only 1,185,642 individuals were deemed eligible. Consequently, applications from 10,654 individuals were rejected.

Due to oversubscription, shares were allocated through a lottery system. Eligible applicants, numbering 1,185,642, were first included in the lottery to distribute shares. Through this process, 128,420 shares were allocated at the rate of 10 units per applicant. The remaining applicants, unfortunately, did not receive any shares and will be refunded.

The company had issued 1,284,200 shares for the general public from Ashoj 18 to Ashoj 22. Care Nepal, a credit rating agency, has given a ‘Care NP Issuer Rating Double B’ for the IPO, indicating an average level of risk in the company’s financial obligations.

This rating was issued on December 9, 2022 and will remain valid until December 8, 2023. The company is currently constructing a hydropower project with a capacity of 14.3 Megawatts in Mailung, Rasuwa District. Additionally, the company has been regularly engaged in commercial electricity production since October 1, 2079 (B.S.).

Way TO Check IPO Result

Method 1: MeroShare Website 

  • Open your web browser and go to the MeroShare IPO Result website: https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/
  • On the website’s homepage, you’ll find an option to select the IPO result. Look for “Mathillo Mailung Khola” in the list of available IPOs.
  • Click on “Mathillo Mailung Khola” to access the IPO result page.
  • Enter your 16-digit BOID (Beneficiary Owner Identification) number in the provided field. This is the number you received from your brokerage or the CDS and Clearing Limited.
  • Click on the “View Result” button.
  • The result for your IPO application will be displayed on the screen, showing whether you have been allotted shares or not.

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