Hathaway Investments, issuing the IPO at Rs 50 per share .

                                    Hathaway Investments, issuing the IPO at Rs 50 per share .

Hathaway Investment Nepal Limited is issuing IPO for general public from 21st of Bhadra .

The company is about to issue an IPO at a nominal price of 50 rupees per share. The company got permission from the Nepal Securities Board to sell 29 lakh 25 thousand shares of its issued capital of 1 billion 17 crore rupees at a rate of 12.50 percent worth 146 million 250 thousand rupees. Out of the total share IPO, 292 thousand 500 shares have been distributed to Nepalis working abroad, 58 thousand 500 shares to employees and 146 thousand 250 shares to collective investment funds.

Apart from these, the remaining 24 lakh 27 thousand 750 shares of the IPO are going to be publicly issued to the general public. Common people can apply for this IPO purchase from a minimum of 20 shares to a maximum of 1 lakh shares. The sale period of this IPO, which has been set until Bhadra  25th, will be extended until Ashoj 4th, if the application is not received within the fast period.

Hathaway Investment IPO Details

Category Shares Share Price (Rs.) Total Amount (Rs.)
Nepalis Working Abroad 292,500 50 14,625,000
Employees 58,500 50 2,925,000
Collective Investment Funds 146,250 50 7,312,500
General Public 2,427,750 50 121,387,500
Total IPO Amount 146,250,000

Important Dates:

  • Application Period: Bhadra 21st – Ashoj 4th
  • Fast Period: Bhadra 21st – Bhadra 25th

Issuer Rating: Care NP Issuer Triple B Minus (Moderate credit risk)

Founder’s Share Ownership: 87.50%

Registered Date: 14th Chait 2065

Paid Up Capital (Founder): 1,237,050,000 Rs.

Paid Up Capital (Post IPO): 1,017,000,000 Rs.

Global IME Capital Limited is the IPO issue and sales manager. Along with the sales manager, all ASBA members approved by the Nepal Securities Board can apply through banks and financial institutions and their designated branch offices.

In addition, the application will also have to be made through my share. In the rating given for the IPO issue, Care Rating Nepal has given Care NP Issuer Triple B Minus rating indicating that there is a moderate level of credit risk.

This company has been registered in the office of the Registrar of Companies, Government of Nepal on 14th Chait 2065 and has been operating since that date. This company has the investment of Nepal’s renowned young businessmen, entrepreneurs, chartered accountants, other professionals and other enlightened people.

This company has succeeded in establishing itself as a successful company by investing in Nepal’s capital market and other areas of investment. Currently, the capital paid by the founder is 1 billion 237 million 50 thousand rupees. After allotment of IPO to general public, the paid up capital of the company is Rs. 1 billion 17 million will be maintained. The founder currently holds 87.50 percent share ownership.

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