Hathaway Investments’ IPO Allotment Completed .

                                    Hathaway Investments’ IPO Allotment Completed .

The IPO of Hathaway Investment Nepal Limited was distributed on Tuesday.

The company’s IPO allocation has been done at the office of Global IME Capital, the company’s share issue and sales manager. The company had issued IPO of 24 lakh 27 thousand 750 shares to the general public from 21st Bhadra to 25th with a face value of Rs 50 per share. The sales manager said that a total of 12 lakh 70 thousand 991 applications were received for the company’s IPO. Out of this, 12 lakh 67 thousand 709 applications have been approved and 3 thousand 282 applications have been cancelled.

Due to more applications than the demand, the company’s IPO has been distributed through a round robin process as per the Securities Allotment Guidelines. According to this, 1 lakh 21 thousand 387 applicants have received shares of the company at the rate of 20 shares. Among them, 10 applicants have received shares at the rate of one more share, i.e. a total of 21 shares.

The results of the IPO can be viewed after some time from the website https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np operated by CDS and Clearing.

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