Citizen Life Insurance Premiums IPO Issue date is Published .

                                    Citizen Life Insurance Premiums IPO Issue date is Published .

Citizen Life Insurance is going to issue IPO at premium from 15th of Bhadra . The insurance company is going to issue shares to the general public at a face value of Rs 100 per share with a premium of Rs 144 added for a total of Rs 244 per share.

Insurance got permission to issue 1,1250,000 shares worth 11.125 million rupees at the rate of 30% of its issued capital of 3.75 billion rupees. 5 percent of them have already issued 562 thousand 500 shares worth 5 crore 62 lakh 50 thousand rupees at 100 rupees per share for insurance employees.

Now the insurance company is going to issue the remaining 90 million shares for the common investors. Investors can apply for insurance IPO till 19th Bhadra . If the complete application is not received within that period, the issuance period will be extended until Bhadra 29. In the IPO of insurance, you have to apply for a minimum of 10 shares, and you can apply for a maximum of 15 lakh shares.

In the rating given for the IPO issuance, Icra Nepal has given IcraNP Issuer Rating Triple B to Insurance. This indicates that the insurer is moderately secure in meeting its financial obligations on time.

The issuing and selling manager of the insurance is NIMBS Capital Ltd. Investors can apply through the Mero Share software provided by the participating banks and financial institutions and their branch offices and CDS and Clearing Limited, which are licensed by the Nepal Securities Board.


Citizen Life Insurance IPO Details

Issuer Details
Insurance Company Citizen Life Insurance
Face Value Rs 100 per share
Premium Rs 144 per share
Total Cost per Share Rs 244 per share


Share Issuance
Total Shares 1,1250,000 shares
Total Value Rs 1 Arab 12 Crore 50 Lakh
Issued Capital Rs 3.75 billion
Issued to Employees 562,500 shares (Rs 5.625 crore)
Remaining Shares for Public 90 million shares
Minimum Shares to Apply 10 shares
Maximum Shares to Apply 1,500,000 shares


IPO Application
Application Deadline Until 19th Bhadra
Extension Deadline Until Bhadra 29


Issuer Rating
ICRA Nepal Rating Triple B (Moderate Security)


Issuing Manager
Issuing Manager NIMBS Capital Ltd.



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