Mandu Hydropower IPO is Opened For Public .

                                    Mandu Hydropower IPO is Opened For Public .

Mandu Hydropower Limited is issuing an IPO at a premium from today .

After distributing the IPO issued by the company to the local residents of the project-affected areas and Nepalis working abroad, it is now about to issue the IPO to the general public.

2 percent of the company’s issued capital of 1 billion 36 crore 36 lakh 37 thousand rupees i.e. 2 lakh 72 thousand 730 shares at a face value of 100 rupees per share with a premium of 106 rupees added to the local residents of the project affected area at a price of 206 rupees per share and 79 thousand 30 unallocated shares. A total of 13 lakh 6 thousand 306 shares are going to be issued. Out of this, 28 thousand 853 shares have been allocated for the employees of the company, while 72 thousand 133 shares have been allocated to the collective investment fund. General investors can apply for the remaining 12 lakh 5 thousand 320 shares.

This IPO sale period has been set for 13th of Bhadra at the earliest, if the application is not received within that period, the sale will be extended until 24th of Bhadra . However, recently, when the IPO is released to the general public, there are more applications than the demand on the first day. If this situation repeats, the company’s IPO will also be on sale until the 13th of Bhadra .

Mandu Hydropower IPO Details
Total Issued Capital 1,036,367,370 NPR
Number of Shares 13,06,306 shares
Face Value per Share 100 NPR
Premium per Share 106 NPR
Local Residents Price 206 NPR per share
Unallocated Shares 79,030 shares
Shares for Employees 28,853 shares
Shares for Collective Investment Fund 72,133 shares
Shares for General Investors 12,05,320 shares
Sale Period Today to 13th Bhadra or 24th Bhadra
Minimum Shares per Investor 10 shares
Maximum Shares per Investor 50,000 shares
IPO Sales Manager Prabhu Capital Limited
Application Methods Sales manager, ASBA service, Mero Share
Issuer Rating Ekra NP Issuer Triple B Minus
Hydropower Project 22 MW Bagmati small hydropower project in Makwanpur
Commercial Production Start Chaitra 19, 2075
Total Project Cost 4,194,037,000 NPR
Average Project Cost 180,027,000 NPR

Investors can demand from a minimum of 10 shares to a maximum of 50,000 shares. Prabhu Capital Limited will fulfill the responsibility of the IPO sales manager.
Application can also be made through the sales manager and all banks and financial institutions participating in ASBA service and their designated offices. Also, there is an arrangement that you can apply through my shares.

In the rating done for the IPO issuance, Ekra Nepal Limited has given Ekra NP Issuer Triple B Minus rating, which is considered a medium-level safe company capable of meeting financial obligations on time.

The company has constructed a 22 MW Bagmati small hydropower project in Makwanpur. From this project, commercial production has started from Chait 19, 2075. The total construction cost of the project is 4 billion 194 million 37 thousand rupees, while the average cost of the project is 180 million 27 million rupees.

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