Actor Anmol KC arrested

                                    Actor Anmol KC arrested

नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोस्। 

Actor Anmol KC has been arrested by the police.

On Friday, he was arrested by a team of the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office from Sanga in Bhaktapur. According to the office’s SSP Somendrasingh Rathore, a complaint was lodged with the police saying that KC had committed criminal treachery.

Whistleblower Chandrakala Katwal Thapa filed a complaint saying that KC had taken 10 paise to play a film called Ravayan but refused to settle the contract. She mentioned that 1.15 crores were spent while giving advances to other actors of the film.”After receiving a complaint that they did not take the money and did not come to the shooting, we called both parties for a discussion,” SSP Rathore said, “KC did not come despite repeated calls. He replied that the police should do what they can.

Rathore informed that after KC did not come to the discussion, he was arrested and detained after obtaining an arrest warrant from the court.

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